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Do you think Christmas is the best family holiday of all? Then you probably love the smell of freshly baked cookies, decorating the Christmas tree and the sound of Christmas carols. But a successful celebration also includes gifts that bring real joy. Don't just leave it up to the kids to write Christmas wish lists. Help your friends and relatives to find a great gift for you or your children by using online wish lists!

The Santa service for all ages

In today's digital world, the way we communicate our wishes has changed. Christmas wish lists are traditionally associated with children, but adults can also benefit from using an online wish list.

With a Wishbob wish list, you can communicate your likes and needs. Whether it's a current bestseller, electronic gadgets, home decor items or even travel experiences, you can add any gift idea to the Wishbob wish list. That way, friends and family can get you exactly what you want and what you're really excited about.

With an Christmas wish list, you can link directly to the products you want, making shopping easier for the gift giver. With just a few clicks, the desired gift can be selected and ordered directly. This saves time and effort for both parties and provides a convenient shopping experience.

Even if you create a Wishbob wish list, it does not necessarily mean that you know all the gifts in advance. There may be room for surprises. The wish list serves more as a guide, especially for those who are having trouble choosing a gift.

Overall, there are many benefits to using an online gift registry for adults as well. It simplifies communication, allows for precise selection based on individual preferences, and provides an enjoyable shopping experience for gift-givers. At the same time, it preserves the joy of surprise.

The advantages of online wish lists for families

For families, the Advent season is usually filled with baking cookies, decorating Christmas trees, and all sorts of other activities. Christmas wish lists are becoming an increasingly popular way to save time. Here are some of the most important aspects of online wish lists, which are becoming increasingly popular:

  • Quick access for everyone: With Wishbob's online wish list, grandparents, aunts and uncles can quickly and easily find out what the little ones want. This is especially useful for families with several children. When creating a wish list for all the children in a family, Wishbob allows you to add each child's name to the wish in the "Description" field on the product form.
  • Eliminate questions: With the clear listing and detailed description of wishes on the online list, it is no longer necessary to ask about the size of the sneakers or the color of the cell phone cover. The family does not have to repeat the same information to different people.
  • No more duplicates: Another benefit of an online wish list is the elimination of duplicate gifts. By keeping a centralized record of wishes on the Wishbob list, relatives can see which gifts have already been selected and which are still open. This prevents multiple people from buying the same gift and wasting time returning or exchanging it.
  • Update capabilities: The Wishbob wish list can be updated at any time. For example, if a child remembers other interests or needs at the last minute, new wishes can be added or unwanted items can be removed. This saves the family time by not having to communicate the entire wish list again.

The Christmas wish list with personal touch is the best wish list

A picture says more than a thousand words. Adding a personal photo to your Christmas wish list gives it a more personal feel. The image can be a fun souvenir photo from a ski vacation or a snapshot from a visit to the Christmas market.

The sentiment on your Christmas wish list is a great way to let your loved ones know how much the holidays mean to you. Use the space on your wishlist to touch your loved ones with a short and heartfelt message. For example, you can express your gratitude for the support and love of your family and friends.

If you like, you can customize the Wishbob wish list with images such as snowflakes, Christmas ornaments, Christmas trees, or reindeer. Use traditional Christmas colors such as red, green and gold. You can also add winter landscapes or a snowy background if you like.

A personalized Christmas list should reflect not only your own wishes, but also the interests and needs of your family and friends. You can include gifts in your Wishbob wish list that you know children or grandparents will enjoy receiving. Remember that Christmas is a time of giving and sharing, so be open to surprises that your loved ones have thought of for you.

Remember that a Christmas wish list doesn't have to be just a list of material things; it can also include shared activities and experiential gifts. You can also include gift certificates for shared activities, such as a gourmet dinner or tickets to a theater performance. This way, your loved ones can give you precious memories and special moments.

Share and manage wish list

And how do aunts and uncles receive their nieces' and nephews' online Christmas list? There are several ways to do this. The link to the Christmas gift list can be shared via e-mail, messenger (WhatsApp, Telegram), SMS and social media (Facebook, Google+). Of course, Wishbob's personal Christmas list maker can be used for free and even without registration. There are numerous designs available to users when creating their personal wish list for Christmas!

All wish lists in one overview! The creator of a Christmas wish list can create several wish lists with one email address, for example for other occasions or other family members. But that's not all! Wish lists of relatives or friends can also be kept in this overview. Switching between wish lists is possible in seconds.

Why use Wishbob?

  • Easy, free and with no registration required
  • Christmas wish list in many beautiful designs
  • From any online store - with just one click!
  • Easily share with family and friends
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Example design Weihnachts-Wish list

Example of a Christmas wish list on a tablet, notebook and smartphone

Wish lists from Wishbob make gift giving easier!

This is not only what we say, but also what our users say.

Works flawlessly without being dependent on a store. This means that you can also include a wish from your "favorite retailer around the corner" 🙂
Great app, makes our daughter's wish list (and ours 🤭) so much easier. It is super easy and intuitive to use!
I think the app is wonderful, you can design it well and beautifully. It is clear and the friends and family have the opportunity to give exactly what I like. I am very excited about it. 👍🏼
Great app to share different wish lists with friends and family. This is an easy way to share your wishes. Everyone picks something, marks it and there are no more double purchases!


Is Wishbob free of charge?

Yes, our wish list is available to you and the people you share it with for free.

Is Wishbob available as an app?

Yes, below you will find the download links.

For Android smartphone and tablet:
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For iPhone and iPad:
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For Huawei smartphone and tablet:
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For which occasions can I create a wish list?

You can create wish lists for any occasion (e.g. birthday party, wedding, baby shower). If your desired occasion is not included in the selection, you can create a wish list for any other event using "Other".

Can I design the wish list myself?

For every occasion you can choose from the suitable designs (banners). You can personalize them with a title, text and profile picture of your choice. You can change the design of your wish list at any time.

What gift items can I add to my wish list?

Items and gift coupons from online partner stores can be added to the wish list with one click. You can also add products from other websites or from the store around the corner.

How can I share my wish list?

You can share your wish list with one click via e-mail, messenger (WhatsApp, Telegram), SMS and social media (Facebook, Google+).
You can find the corresponding share buttons above your wish list banner.

How can friends and family use my wish list?

Your friends and family will receive the link to your wish list. They can browse it without registering. If they find something on it that they would like to give you, they can flag the corresponding item as purchased.

Can I track which gifts have been marked as purchased by family and friends?

Yes, with the button "View flagged wishes" in your wish list you can find out which wishes have already been marked as purchased by friends and family.

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