Wish list for the baby

The baby is not even born yet and it already has more rompers than there is room for in the children's wardrobe, but the t-shirt drawer is still almost empty before the baby shower. The aunt will often make the child's eyes brighten with her gifts, but she has no idea about harmful substances in children's toys. You hope she won't reach for the colorful teething rings of questionable origin at the toy store? With the personal wish list for your baby, you are on the safe side.

Advantages of a wish list for the baby

Using an online wish list can benefit you and your little one in many ways. For example, the Wishbob wish list can help you avoid duplicate gifts, as your friends and family can see which items on the list have already been marked as purchased.

Another great advantage of a Wishbob wish list is that you can be sure of the quality of the products. You can specifically select care products and toys that meet your quality standards and be sure that you are not buying gifts with toxic ingredients. This is especially important for baby products.

Another positive aspect of a wish list is the ability to include developmental toys in the baby wish list. From grasping rings that promote motor skills, to activity cubes that stimulate cognitive development, to musical instruments that enhance sensory perception, you can include a variety of developmental products on the wish list. This will give your little one the opportunity to learn through play and develop a variety of skills.

A Wishbob wish list also gives you the opportunity to receive sustainable products as gifts. From eco-friendly materials to recyclable packaging and fair labor practices: With a wish list, you can show your commitment to sustainable consumption and make a positive contribution to a more sustainable world.

Advantages for the recipients of a wish list

Grandparents, aunts and uncles will get a glimpse of your Wishbob wish list and can take their time deciding what gift they would most like to give to your son or daughter. They don't have to be in the dark when it comes to finding the perfect baby onesie, or make an unsure choice when it comes to the nursing kit. Instead, they can give something that matches your preferences and the baby's needs.

From the wish list, baby shower guests can go directly to the online store. They don't have to stand in front of shelves or run up and down the aisles. With just a few clicks, they can make you and the baby happy and have what they want shipped directly to their home from any store.

The personalized wish list is the best wish list!

A personalized Wishbob wish list is a charming way for you to communicate your likes, needs and style preferences. It's an opportunity to express your personality and that of your baby. A personalized wish list is the best wish list! Here are some ideas on how to make your birth or baptism wish list appealing:

  • For example, add an ultrasound picture of the still unborn baby or a photo of the newborn to your wish list.
  • Write a personal text that expresses your anticipation and your wishes for the baby.
  • When designing your wish list, take into account the color and style preferences you have in mind for the baby equipment.

Gift tips for birth wish list

A baby is born - a wonderful occasion to celebrate and welcome the little one with appropriate gifts. The best way to get the things you need for your baby is to create a Wishbob wish list. Here are the most important items that should be on a baby wish list.

  • First equipment: Baby bottles, pacifiers, bottle brushes and baby dishes are important utensils for the first months. These products may find a place on the baby wish list.
  • Baby equipment: This includes things like strollers, baby carriers, diaper bags and cribs. Note on the wish list which specific models or features are preferred.
  • Care products: Baby care products like baby oil, wet wipes, shampoos and lotions are essential. Look for high-quality products that are kind to the skin.
  • Diapers: A practical and necessary gift. Informs on the online wish list about the preferred size and brand of diapers.
  • Toys: chooses age-appropriate toys that stimulate baby's senses and motor skills. Picks educational toys for the wish list.

Gift tips for baptism wish list

A baptism is a significant event in a child's life. To properly celebrate this special moment and give the person being baptized something of lasting value, creating a Wishbob Baptism wish list is a great idea. For inspiration, here are some gift ideas to add to the wish list.

Christening jewelry is a wonderful choice for a baptism wish list. This can be a personalized pendant, bracelet or necklace with the child's name and baptism date. Such jewelry has special symbolic meaning and is often kept as a memento for the child.

Mementos such as a personalized photo album, a set of baptismal candles, an engraved money box, or a jewelry box are also nice gifts to add to a baptismal wish list.

Share and manage wish list

And how do friends and family receive the online wish list for a baby shower? There are several ways to do this. The link to the baby wish list can be shared via email, Messenger (WhatsApp, Telegram), SMS and social media (Facebook, Google+).

All wish lists in one overview! The creator of a baby wish list can create multiple wish lists with one email address, for example for other occasions or additional children. But that's not all! Wish lists of relatives or friends can also be kept in this overview. Switching between wish lists is possible in seconds.

Why use Wishbob?

  • Baby wish list in many designs
  • Fast, free and with no registration required
  • Millions of gift items to choose from
  • From any online store - with just one click!
  • Share via email, messenger or social media
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Example design Baby-Wish list

Example of a baby wish list on a tablet, notebook and smartphone

Wish lists from Wishbob make gift giving easier!

This is not only what we say, but also what our users say.

Works flawlessly without being dependent on a store. This means that you can also include a wish from your "favorite retailer around the corner" 🙂
Great app, makes our daughter's wish list (and ours 🤭) so much easier. It is super easy and intuitive to use!
I think the app is wonderful, you can design it well and beautifully. It is clear and the friends and family have the opportunity to give exactly what I like. I am very excited about it. 👍🏼
Great app to share different wish lists with friends and family. This is an easy way to share your wishes. Everyone picks something, marks it and there are no more double purchases!

FAQ & Help

Can I use Wishbob for free?

Yes, our wish list is available for free to you and the people you share it with.

How do I create a wish list?

You create your wish list by providing an e-mail address and a few other details.

  • Name: This will be displayed in the banner of your wish list, e.g. "David Williams" or "Ava and Samuel".
  • E-Mail: The link to your wish list will be sent to this e-mail address. Please be sure to keep the e-mail or save the link!
  • Wish list title: This will be displayed in the banner of your wish list, e.g. "We're getting married" or "Liam's 10th birthday wish list".
  • Date: A date is optional and will be displayed in the banner of your wish list. It is usually the day of the occasion that is being celebrated.

Can I create my own design for my wish list?

Yes, you can personalize the design of your wish list.

  • When you create your list, you choose your own title. It will be displayed in the banner of your wish list.
  • In the "Occasion text" field, you can leave a personal message for your family and friends. If you don't have time to write your own text, you can choose from several templates.
  • For the visual design of your wish list, you can upload a banner image that matches the occasion. You can also select a banner from a wide range of templates.
  • Finally, if you want to give your wish list an even more personal touch, you can upload a profile picture.

What do I write in the occasion text?

By writing a personal message to the recipients of your wish list, you can make them smile or even inspire them. You can also simply thank them, for example for their friendship or for welcoming your new-born child into the world. If you don't have enough time to write your own text, Wishbob lets you choose from several templates.

Can I add any wish to my list?

Yes, you can add any gift you can think of to your wish list!

  • With just one click you can add products and vouchers from numerous online stores to your wish list.
  • You can manually add wishes from any online or physical store to your list.

Is there a gift search in the wish list?

Yes, you can use the Amazon search in your wish list to look for gifts.

Is there also a Wishbob app?

Yes, you can find the download links below.

For Android smartphone and tablet:
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For iPhone and iPad:
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For Huawei smartphone and tablet:
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How can I log into my wish list on my phone?

Have you created a wish list on your PC or laptop and want to edit it on your phone? The quickest way to access your wish list on your mobile device is via QR code. You can find it in the wish list under the banner. Click on the "Log in on smartphone" button and scan the QR code.

This QR code is not to be confused with the QR code you use to share your wish list with your family and friends.

Can I move wishes between different wish lists?

Yes, you can copy or move wishes from one wish list to another if they were created with the same e-mail address. To do this, click on the drop-down menu integrated in the wish in question.

You can only use this function if you have confirmed your e-mail address in the "Wish list overview".

For which occasion can I create a wish list?

You can create wish lists for any occasion (e.g. birthday party, wedding or baby shower). If the occasion you want is not included in the selection, you can create a wish list for any other event using "Other".

How can I share my wish list?

You can share your wish list with one click via email, messenger (WhatsApp, Telegram) and social media (Facebook). You can copy the URL and send it via text message, for example. You can also download a QR code for your wish list to print on an invitation, among other things.

You will find the corresponding share buttons above your wish list banner.

How can friends and family use my wish list?

Your friends and family will receive the link to your wish list. They can browse it without having to log in. If they find something that they would like to give you, they can flag the corresponding item as purchased.

Can I track which gifts have been flagged as purchased by family and friends?

Yes, by clicking the button "View flagged wishes" in your wish list you can find out which wishes have already been marked as purchased by friends and family.

How is Wishbob funded?

Wishbob is funded via affiliate links. If a purchase is made via one of these links, Wishbob receives a commission. Of course, this does not result in any additional costs for our users and it enables us to continue offering the service free of charge.

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