Your bridal registry - the wish list for your wedding

You are starting your married life in a new apartment where many things are still missing. You are in the mood for enjoying time alone with the two of you, for example at a candlelight dinner in a gourmet restaurant. But you may also be more inclined towards joint activities such as survival training. You think the traditional bridal registry is a great invention and don't want to miss it even in the digitalized world? Then let your friends and relatives know via a virtual wedding list how they can make the start of your married life even sweeter!

The online wedding registry is the virtual variant of the traditional bridal registry. Here, brides and grooms have the opportunity to create an online wedding wish list, where any number of wishes can be added. The online bridal registry offers brides and grooms the advantage of being able to compile a wish list from an infinite variety of products. From the high-quality dishwasher, to the helicopter flight, to the city trip, the prospective spouses can put any gift suggestion on the wedding wish list.

Brides and grooms should start thinking about what they want from their guests early on. A balanced wedding list takes time. Once the virtual bridal registry is created, friends and relatives should be informed well in advance. Your guests should have enough time to browse through your wedding wish list and decide on the right gift.

And how do friends and family receive your online wedding wish list? There are several ways to do this. The link to the wedding wish list can be shared via email, messenger (WhatsApp, Telegram), SMS and social media (Facebook, Google+).

All wish lists in one overview! The creator of a wedding wish list can create multiple wish lists with one email address, for example for other occasions or other family members. But that's not all! Wish lists of friends can also be kept in this overview. Switching between wish lists is possible in seconds.

Why use Wishbob?

  • Wedding wish list in many designs
  • Fast, free and with no registration required
  • Millions of gift items to choose from
  • From any online store - with just one click!
  • Share via email, messenger or social media
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Example design Wedding-Wish list

Example of a wedding wish list on a tablet, notebook and smartphone


Is Wishbob free of charge?

Yes, our wish list is available to you and the people you share it with for free.

Is Wishbob available as an app?

Yes, below you will find the download links.

For Android smartphone and tablet:
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For iPhone and iPad:
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For Huawei smartphone and tablet:
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For which occasions can I create a wish list?

You can create wish lists for any occasion (e.g. birthday party, wedding, baby shower). If your desired occasion is not included in the selection, you can create a wish list for any other event using "Other".

Can I design the wish list myself?

For every occasion you can choose from the suitable designs (banners). You can personalize them with a title, text and profile picture of your choice. You can change the design of your wish list at any time.

What gift items can I add to my wish list?

Items and gift coupons from online partner stores can be added to the wish list with one click. You can also add products from other websites or from the store around the corner.

How can I share my wish list?

You can share your wish list with one click via e-mail, messenger (WhatsApp, Telegram), SMS and social media (Facebook, Google+).
You can find the corresponding share buttons above your wish list banner.

How can friends and family use my wish list?

Your friends and family will receive the link to your wish list. They can browse it without registering. If they find something on it that they would like to give you, they can flag the corresponding item as purchased.

Can I track which gifts have been marked as purchased by family and friends?

Yes, with the button "View flagged wishes" in your wish list you can find out which wishes have already been marked as purchased by friends and family.

The easiest way to save wishes to your wish list!

With the Wishbob browser extension you can easily add wishes to your wish list from any online store with just one click.

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