Birthday wish list

There are already more bottles of your favorite whiskey in your liquor cabinet than is good for your health. Your friends know this and are longing for gift ideas. Don't want to leave them out in the cold with a "Surprise me!"? Then give them the opportunity to get to know your desires! By creating a birthday wish list you can let your relatives and friends know that you've recently become interested in a new movie genre or that you've discovered a new perfume.

Your advantages with the birthday wish list

Wishbob's online wish list offers you many advantages. You can avoid getting the same gift twice. With a birthday wish list, this problem is a thing of the past. No more embarrassing gifts! You've probably been there: you get an outfit that you don't really like, but you pretend to like it. You can avoid this dilemma with a birthday wish list. By sharing your wishes on your Wishbob list, your friends and family can give you gifts that you really like. This makes both you and the gift givers happy.

Another advantage of an online wish list is its flexibility. You can update it over breakfast or at the park. If you think of a book you'd like to read or if your sports preferences change, you can update your wish list immediately. This way, you can be sure that your list is always up to date and that your friends and family know what you want.

The advantages for the recipients of the wish list

Wishbob's wish list revolutionizes the way gifts are chosen by friends and family. The handy online wish list makes finding the perfect gift a breeze. No more long deliberations about which gift you like best, no more frantic searches in crowded malls or endless browsing in online stores. Instead of standing in front of shelves, your loved ones can access your wish list from the comfort of their own home. They can take their time and decide what they want to get you.

Wishbob's online wish list offers a wide range of options. You can add products to your wish list from any online store, as well as the store around the corner. This way, you can make sure your friends have a variety of gift options to choose from. Whether it's books, electronics, fashion or household items: Wishbob's wish list has no limits. Wishbob makes giving gifts to your friends and family a stress-free and uncomplicated affair. Gone are the days of worrying about the right perfume or the perfect sweater.

The personal birthday wish list is the best wish list!

You are unique and distinctive. Your individuality shows in the way you dress, the books you read, and the furnishings that surround you. So why not create a Wishbob wish list that reflects who you are? The personalized birthday wish list is the best wish list!

Personalization is at the heart of creating your wish list. Start by adding a photo that shows who you are. It could be a snapshot of you playing your favorite sport or a special memory from your last beach vacation. This image will make your wish list unique and make your friends and family smile.

But it's not just the image that makes your Wishbob wish list personal, it's also the occasion text. This is where you can let your thoughts run free and write a text that reflects your character. Whether it's a witty saying, an inspirational quote, or a heartfelt message, the choice is yours. Your family and friends will love reading your thoughts about your wish list.

Of course, the heart of your wish list are your gift wishes. This is where you tell your loved ones what makes you happy. Add things that match your current interests and preferences. Wishbob's online wish list may include your favorite treat that you enjoy whenever you take a little time out. Or maybe there's room for a gift certificate to that seafood restaurant you've always wanted to go to with your friends.

Your online birthday wish list gives you the opportunity to share your travel desires and culinary preferences in an engaging way. It allows your loved ones to understand you better and choose the perfect birthday gift for you. So get started: show your loved ones who you are with your wish list. Indulge yourself on your birthday the way you want to!

The birthday wish list for sustainability

By creating a wish list for your birthday, you can influence sustainable, environmentally conscious and ethical consumption. For example, on your Wishbob wish list, you can choose items that are made from recycled materials or produced under fair labor conditions. By prioritizing these aspects on your wish list, you send a clear message to your friends and family that you value sustainable living.

Another way to promote eco-conscious consumption is to add experiential gifts to your Wishbob wish list instead of material goods. For example, you can ask someone to give you a ticket to a concert of your favorite band, or time together in the form of a city trip or sports activity. In this way, you reduce the amount of new stuff you buy and promote valuable experiences instead.

Share and manage wish list

And how do friends and family receive the online birthday wish list? There are several ways to do this. The link to the birthday wish list can be shared via email, messenger (WhatsApp, Telegram), SMS and social media (Facebook, Google+). Create your birthday gift list right now!

Your birthday wish lists and those of your friends and relatives in one overview! With one email address, creators of an online birthday wish list can not only manage their own list, but also save the birthday gift lists of their loved ones, for example. Switching to another list is possible in seconds. The creator of the birthday wish list can add gift items with a few clicks.

Why use Wishbob?

  • Birthday wish list in many designs
  • Fast, free and with no registration required
  • Millions of gift items to choose from
  • From any online store - with just one click!
  • Share via email, messenger or social media
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Example design Birthday-Wish list

Example of a birthday wish list on a tablet, notebook and smartphone

Wish lists from Wishbob make gift giving easier!

This is not only what we say, but also what our users say.

Works flawlessly without being dependent on a store. This means that you can also include a wish from your "favorite retailer around the corner" 🙂
Great app, makes our daughter's wish list (and ours 🤭) so much easier. It is super easy and intuitive to use!
I think the app is wonderful, you can design it well and beautifully. It is clear and the friends and family have the opportunity to give exactly what I like. I am very excited about it. 👍🏼
Great app to share different wish lists with friends and family. This is an easy way to share your wishes. Everyone picks something, marks it and there are no more double purchases!

FAQ & Help

Can I use Wishbob for free?

Yes, our wish list is available for free to you and the people you share it with.

How do I create a wish list?

You create your wish list by providing an e-mail address and a few other details.

  • Name: This will be displayed in the banner of your wish list, e.g. "David Williams" or "Ava and Samuel".
  • E-Mail: The link to your wish list will be sent to this e-mail address. Please be sure to keep the e-mail or save the link!
  • Wish list title: This will be displayed in the banner of your wish list, e.g. "We're getting married" or "Liam's 10th birthday wish list".
  • Date: A date is optional and will be displayed in the banner of your wish list. It is usually the day of the occasion that is being celebrated.

Can I create my own design for my wish list?

Yes, you can personalize the design of your wish list.

  • When you create your list, you choose your own title. It will be displayed in the banner of your wish list.
  • In the "Occasion text" field, you can leave a personal message for your family and friends. If you don't have time to write your own text, you can choose from several templates.
  • For the visual design of your wish list, you can upload a banner image that matches the occasion. You can also select a banner from a wide range of templates.
  • Finally, if you want to give your wish list an even more personal touch, you can upload a profile picture.

What do I write in the occasion text?

By writing a personal message to the recipients of your wish list, you can make them smile or even inspire them. You can also simply thank them, for example for their friendship or for welcoming your new-born child into the world. If you don't have enough time to write your own text, Wishbob lets you choose from several templates.

Can I add any wish to my list?

Yes, you can add any gift you can think of to your wish list!

  • With just one click you can add products and vouchers from numerous online stores to your wish list.
  • You can manually add wishes from any online or physical store to your list.

Is there a gift search in the wish list?

Yes, you can use the Amazon search in your wish list to look for gifts.

Is there also a Wishbob app?

Yes, you can find the download links below.

For Android smartphone and tablet:
Google Play Store Logo

For iPhone and iPad:
Apple App Store Logo

For Huawei smartphone and tablet:
Huawei AppGallery Logo

How can I log into my wish list on my phone?

Have you created a wish list on your PC or laptop and want to edit it on your phone? The quickest way to access your wish list on your mobile device is via QR code. You can find it in the wish list under the banner. Click on the "Log in on smartphone" button and scan the QR code.

This QR code is not to be confused with the QR code you use to share your wish list with your family and friends.

Can I move wishes between different wish lists?

Yes, you can copy or move wishes from one wish list to another if they were created with the same e-mail address. To do this, click on the drop-down menu integrated in the wish in question.

You can only use this function if you have confirmed your e-mail address in the "Wish list overview".

For which occasion can I create a wish list?

You can create wish lists for any occasion (e.g. birthday party, wedding or baby shower). If the occasion you want is not included in the selection, you can create a wish list for any other event using "Other".

How can I share my wish list?

You can share your wish list with one click via email, messenger (WhatsApp, Telegram) and social media (Facebook). You can copy the URL and send it via text message, for example. You can also download a QR code for your wish list to print on an invitation, among other things.

You will find the corresponding share buttons above your wish list banner.

How can friends and family use my wish list?

Your friends and family will receive the link to your wish list. They can browse it without having to log in. If they find something that they would like to give you, they can flag the corresponding item as purchased.

Can I track which gifts have been flagged as purchased by family and friends?

Yes, by clicking the button "View flagged wishes" in your wish list you can find out which wishes have already been marked as purchased by friends and family.

How is Wishbob funded?

Wishbob is funded via affiliate links. If a purchase is made via one of these links, Wishbob receives a commission. Of course, this does not result in any additional costs for our users and it enables us to continue offering the service free of charge.

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